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Design Technology

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.”  Steve Jobs

Department Vision:

Design and technology at BWH is about encouraging, teaching and inspiring children to:

  • Enjoy the subject
  • Design creatively
  • Develop high-quality making and thinking skills
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Have the confidence to experiment and make informed decisions
  • Produce quality products in a range of materials
  • Use technology to make things work
  • Work independently
  • Evaluate critically and suggest modifications

Design and technology is a dynamic and enormously valuable subject area in which all pupils can develop confidence, self-esteem and vital key skills.)


Mrs A Fenny – Curriculum Leader – with a specialism in Product Design

Miss A Robinson – Teacher of DT - Graphics

Miss E Main, Apprentice Teacher of DT -Food

Mr Cornwall, Technician and First Aider

Technology Curriculum - KS3- Y 7 and Y8

In years 7 and 8 our students experience all areas (Product Design, Graphics, Textiles and Food and Nutrition) of Design and Technology and produce products and innovative designs which are delivered by specialist teachers in specialist rooms. The aim of each project brief is to introduce and develop material-specific skills as well as helping each student to learn to apply a creative and analytical approach to problem-solving. Every student has access to the full curriculum as they move through the projects, gaining experience and confidence working with the full range of materials and specialist equipment. The specific projects we use are reviewed and developed each year, but are generally focused on the following:

  • Food – Healthy lifestyles, introduction to cooking skills, nutrition and dietary requirements and food from around the world.
  • Textiles – Introduction to hand sewing, using a sewing machines, designing textile products, and e-textiles.
  • Product Design – Introduction to using hand tools and machinery, designing and producing products fit for the specific target market, use of CAD (Computer Aided Design) to enhance products.
  • Graphics – Introduction to logos, typography and iconic brands, designing own typefaces and fonts, producing high quality packaging using hand drawing techniques and CAD/CAM.

Technology Curriculum - Year 9, 10 and 11

At the end of year 8 students make their GCSE option choices which they then follow for 3 years to year 11.

As a department we use the AQA exam board qualification for Design and Technology, Pearson for BTEC Art and Design and Eduqas for Food Preparation and Nutrition.

Within Design and Technology students may choose up to 2 of the following options:

GCSE Food preparation and nutrition

This course is currently under the exam board Eduqas. This consists of 50% NEA and 50% Examination.

Students will be required to complete 2 NEA tasks, where the briefs for each are set by the examination board – NEA 1 is a food investigation task. NEA 2 is a practical examination.  All NEA is released in September when students enter Year 11 and will be completed in a September to March time frame.

GCSE Design and technology

This course is currently under the exam board AQA. This consists of 50% NEA and 50% Examination.

Students will be required to complete their NEA based on a specialism of their choice (Product Design, Graphics or Textiles). Students will be expected to complete their NEA between the time frame of June (Year 10) until March (Year 11). Student will be expected to research, design, make and evaluate a product based on one of the briefs that AQA have set.

BTEC Level 2 Art and Design

Students in Year 9 have the option of choosing BTEC Art and Design. This BTEC consists of 2 internal coursework briefs set in the time frame of Year 10 and Year 11 and 1 external examination brief set by the examination board, Pearson which will be sat in Spring (Year 11). This course will enable students who have a passion for both Design and Technology and Art to unleash their creative talents. A range of projects will be set during Year 9 to give students the skill set to succeed in Years 10 and 11.

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Extra-Curricular Opportunities

GCSE Design and Technology students in Year 11 have access to tailored DT tuition and drop-in intervention. Intervention is a drop-in service for students who want extra support and runs at lunchtimes Tuesday-Friday by DT specialist staff.