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PE/Sport studies (Y7-11)

Through a broad and balanced programme, students will be taught to be physically active, developing co-ordination, control and body management. Students will be encouraged to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle through participation in, and enjoyment of, a variety of activities and environments.

Physical Education is about developing the whole person. We have developed a curriculum that is moving away from purely a games-based curriculum and has the student at the heart of the planning. This curriculum is called “ME in PE” and is centred around 4 key themes. They are the following:

  • Cognitive (Thinking ME, Creative ME) - The cognitive domain refers to tactics, mental capacity, decision making and evaluation.
  • Physical (Physical ME) - The physical domain refers to the physical literacy and movements of the body.
  • Healthy (Healthy ME) - The healthy domain refers to the choosing of healthy behaviours
  • Social (Social ME) - The social domain refers to communications, teamwork, management, behaviour, emotions and leadership.

Subject staff

Mr M Aston - Curriculum Leader

Mrs K Faulconbridge

Mr C Horton

Mr C Quigley

Curriculum Overview

Students in Key stage 3 and 4 – will be taught in blocks based upon different sports/activities. Within the blocks, the teacher will concentrate on one of the “ME in PE” strands. Lessons last between 1 hour and 1 hour 20 minutes. All students in years 7-11 take part in core PE.

Examination PE

Students in KS4 have the opportunity to opt for and study PE and gain a qualification at the end of the course. The course is called Sports Studies and the exam board is OCR. During the course, students will be assessed based on their practical ability, their leadership skills, their understanding of the work covered (exam) and their ability to write well in the form of written coursework. 

Years taught:



Cambridge National Level 2 - OCR Sport Studies  


Curriculum Rationale 

 Curriculum Mapping 


Extra-curricular activities 

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