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Pastoral Care



Our pastoral care is based on a deep respect for the dignity and uniqueness of the individual person, as ‘we are all made in the image of God’

(Genesis 1:27)


As a Catholic school, we provide a strong sense of wellbeing, belonging and security that affirms students in their dignity and worth, as well as helping students to achieve their full potential as a human person, physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

Our pastoral offering provides:

  • A dedicated ‘Chill Out Room’
  • Support programme for primary transition (helping new pupils make the move from primary school to secondary)
  • Anger management groups
  • Stress management
  • Lunch clubs
  • Organisational skills development
  • Drop-in pastoral care
  • Safeguarding children


In addition to personal tutors, our learners also have access to the following staff:

Kolbe House

Mrs Nixon is the Pastoral Lead for K-KB, K-NS, and K-JS tutor groups   ( email - gn@bwh.staffs.sch.uk)

Mrs McKie is the Pastoral Lead for K-CG and K-KT  (email - lmck@bwh.staffs.sch.uk)

Miss Young is the Pastoral Lead for K-AJ and K-DM (email - ky@bwh.staffs.sch.uk)


Teresa House

Miss Wood is the Pastoral Lead for T-MN, T-AF and T-HM tutor groups  (email: awo@bwh.staffs.sch.uk)

Mrs Anderson is the Pastoral Lead for T-NTr and T-ED (email: ga@bwh.staffs.sch.uk)

Mr Quigley is the Pastoral Lead for T-SP and T-VP  (email: cq@bwh.staffs.sch.uk)


Don Bosco House

Mr Burton is the Pastoral Lead for B-NT, B-HB and B-VR tutor groups (email: rb@bwh.staffs.sch.uk)

Miss Kay is  the Pastoral Lead for B-SP and B-VP (email: hk@bwh.staffs.sch.uk)

Mrs Faulconbridge is the Pastoral Lead for B-DB and B-CAy  (kf@bwh.staffs.sch.uk)


Romero House

Mr Kelly is the Pastoral Lead for R-AA, R-NH  (email mk@bwh.staffs.sch.uk)

Mrs Duffield is the Pastoral Lead for R-WE  (hd@bwh.staffs.sch.uk)

Dr Murray is the Pastoral Lead for R-RBr and R-EB  (mm@bwh.staffs.sch.uk)

Miss Berger is the Pastoral Lead for R-MAs ans R-AM  (cbe@bwh.staffs.sch.uk)



Miss H Brandrick - Lay Chaplain