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The Painsley Catholic Academy was established in 2012. We are the largest Catholic multi-academy company in the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

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Religious Education

"Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire"

St Catherine of Siena

Department Vision

Religious Education is central to life at Blessed William Howard. The RE curriculum aims to provide all students with an understanding of and respect for the beliefs of others, as well as an opportunity to reflect on the formation of their own beliefs and values. We aim to enable students to become theologians and philosophers, with enquiring minds. The RE curriculum is centred on understanding the core theological beliefs of the Abrahamic faiths. We aim to ensure that students are able to explain the importance of these beliefs and are confident in analysing why certain beliefs are held, including the diversity across religious traditions and the beliefs of those of no faith. In essence, the RE curriculum is about students growing as a person within a loving and caring community, about asking questions and seeking answers. It is about being open to the possibility of God's love and the reality of his presence with us.

Religious Education at Blessed William Howard is about love of God, love of people, love of learning and ultimately, love of life. We make clear links in lessons to our school mission statement, the beatitudes and other British values such as tolerance and mutual respect. RE at BWH is the ideal place to explore these values and to build upon student understanding of how they are developed and lived out. At KS3 the use of key concepts and supra glossaries allows us to ensure that students are suitably challenged. Alongside this, our knowledge-rich curriculum, detailed below, is designed to challenge learners of all abilities and to give them the cultural awareness that they need to succeed in life.


Half Term 1

Half Term 2

Half Term 3

Half Term 4

Half Term 5

Half Term 6

Year 7

Relationships with God and others

The Old Testament


Key Christian beliefs

Key Christian beliefs

Sacraments of Initiation


Year 8


How do you experience God?

Christians in the wider world

Prayers & Sacraments of Healing



Year 9

Core Christian Beliefs

Judaism: Beliefs

Judaism: Beliefs

Judaism: Practices

Judaism: Practices

Origins and Meaning


Year 10

Origins and Meaning

Good and Evil

Life and Death

Life and Death


Year 11

RSE + Sin and Forgiveness



To ensure that all students have secure knowledge and understanding of our curriculum students are formatively assessed each fortnight, and summatively assessed each half term, throughout Key Stage 3, 4 and 5.  A variety of assessment methods are used such as extended writing, debates and creative design tasks. Progress trackers and Personalised Learning Checklists are used to ensure that teachers can be responsive in addressing areas of weakness. We use a reteach-consolidate-extend approach to feedback, with teaching time allocated to the re-teaching of specific knowledge if necessary. We use this assessment data to judge the success of the curriculum, regularly reviewing the allocated teaching time for future planning. The use of knowledge organisers, particularly in KS4, allows for a more thorough grasp of religious vocabulary and assessment of students’ use of it. The impact of the curriculum upon students is becoming theologians and philosophers who can critically discuss their own views and that of others. They take time to reflect through participation in Collective Worship, Liturgy groups, Prayer club and Wednesday Word. They take time to actively participate in fundraising activities, recognising everyone as a child of God. We also take into account those students who choose to do related subjects at A-Level and University.

  • KS3 and KS4 pupils have 5 hours of RE per fortnight.
  • Those who choose to take Religious Studies as an A-Level have 10 hours per fortnight.
  • All 6th form students have 2 hours of General RE per fortnight.

RE Ambassadors

Students can apply for the role of RE ambassador in any year group (Year 7-13). This role will include:

  • working with the RE department to promote RE at events such as prospective Year 7 parents evening and Sixth Form Open Evening.
  • supporting the department in leading trips and retreats.
  • working alongside the lay-chaplain, the RE department and other staff to prepare and lead acts of worship in school.
  • the opportunity to support other students in the completion of their RE work in the role of AfL coach, in homework support groups and as group leaders in tasks.

Should you wish to take part in the above opportunities, you should write a letter of application to Miss Melia, the Curriculum Leader.

Year 12 and Year 13

 At KS5 A-Level EDUQAS Religious Studies is taught: Ethics, Philosophy and Christianity.

All KS5 students are also taught General RE and Year 13 complete the EDEXCEL Extended Project Qualification (Level 3).


Curriculum Leader: Miss H Melia   

Curriclum Progression Leader: Mrs C Chell

Teachers:  Miss H Clewer, Miss Fegan, Miss S Fraser