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Joint school and Staffs Uni team finishes 3rd in Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Five students from Blessed William Howard Catholic High School took part in their first Ultimate Frisbee beginners’ competition against seven university teams.  The students formed a team in collaboration with Staffordshire University members called ‘Flying Aces’.  The youngest participants in the teams, and having only started paying the sport a few weeks ago, the students were delighted to finish in a very respectable third place.

The tournament, Staffordshire Indoor Frisbee League (SIFL) Beginners was held at Walsall’s Wolverhampton University campus sports hall on Saturday 25th January.

Left to right, back: Ben Kadel, Ben McKearney (BWH School Pupil), Ben Foster, Finn Beldon, Breece Bossy (BWH School Pupil), Chris Caudwell

Left to right, front:  Leon Tang, Declan McMahon (BWH School Pupil), Oliver Greensill (BWH School Pupil), James Wain (BWH School Pupil)

Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact sport game between two teams whose players try to toss a Frisbee to one another until they cross the opponents’ goal; possession changes hands when the Frisbee is intercepted, touches the ground or goes out of bounds.  It is similar to American football without the contact or movement with the ball.  There are 5 players from each team on the pitch at any one time.

Classes have been running for just three weeks and are held at Blessed William Howard every Thursday after school in the sports hall for an hour.  The team is coached by Ben Kadel (Associate Teacher of ICT) and Staffordshire University’s local team.

“Considering the students only really had a few hours experience, they did amazingly well against older more experienced teams.  I hope to contact other schools in the area to get some interschool matches arranged soon.  It’s such a great sport, really enjoyable, fast moving and excellent for general fitness and developing hand / eye co-ordination. ” said Mr Kadel.