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Restorative Practice launches a new approach to behaviour management.

Blessed William Howard Catholic High School is rolling out a new approach to discipline that will help to reflect the new school mission and ethos in every day approaches to managing behaviour.  

‘Restorative Justice’ is a framework that emphasizes the need to repair the harm done to crime victims through a process of negotiation, mediation, victim empowerment and reparation.  It is an alternative to the Retributive Justice system which is based on punishment.   

Currently restorative justice is being used in the “Riot Payback Scheme” – a form of community service for the victims as reparation for the damage caused. Looters and arsonists are being made to face their victims.

In schools the approach is less extreme but follows the same principles.  It is centred on the belief that good relationships need to be at the heart of everything a school does to enable effective behaviour management and teaching to take place.

Ted Wachtel, from the International Institute for Restorative Practices explains, “A student misbehaves in class and her teacher asks her to leave. The student is suspended from school and comes back.   Nothing is resolved; nothing is restored.  But with restorative practices, the student is held accountable and given support to resolve the issue, repair the harm and make a plan to ensure that the misbehaviour doesn’t happen again.  Relationships are restored and community is built.”

Blessed William Howard Catholic School describes itself as a community growing in faith and love together and Restorative Justice underpins this.

“We are sure that this new approach will have a positive impact on our school in terms of allowing individuals to develop a better moral code by which to live their lives.  If a child cannot read, we teach them to read; if a child cannot do maths, we teach them maths…if a child does not know how to behave, we should teach them.”  commented Mr Smith, Headteacher.

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