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Star Students Achieve Great A-Level Results

Students at Blessed William Howard have today collected their A-Level results with a high percentage of them being awarded the highest grades possible; A*, A and B.

Mr Phil Smith, Headteacher, said "Once again the students have produced great results. Overall standards have been increased from last year's performance with almost 50% achieving at grades A* - B.  I am delighted for the students, their parents and the staff who have supported the students. 

"We are particularly pleased with the outstanding results in the extended project qualification (EPQ) everyone's one of the students entered gained a grade with 67% at A* - A. This is the type of qualification that universities like as it assess independence of learning alongside the ability to look into something academic and rigorous to a greater depth.

"Particular mention must go to Eleanor Clifford who maintained her excellent performance from GCSE by achieving 3A* in the sciences and an A* in the EPQ; likewise Christopher Vazquez achieved 2A* 1A in the sciences and mathematics and an A* in the EPQ. Tom Wilmore gained 2A* in mathematics and physics with an A in further mathematics.

"141 of the 144 entries were passed at A*- E, an impressive 97% pass rate.

"We have had a busy morning with all the excitement this day brings.  Mrs McKie, our Senior School Director of Achievement and her team have worked very hard all morning to make sure students are making the right choices in terms of university places and courses.

"Congratulations go to all the students, their parents and the staff who taught them so well."

 Pictured below - Eleanor Clifford (3A* in the sciences and 1A* EPQ) with Helen Owen (A* in maths, B in Physics and C in further maths) and Emily Nott (2As in maths and physics and a B in chemistry)

Eleanor Clifford with Helen Owen and Emily Nott
Tom Wilmore (2A* in maths and physics and 1A in further maths)
Tom Wilmore