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Students introduced to ‘linking’ to improve memory skills

 Students at Blessed William Catholic High School have had a special visitor this week.  Sir Linkalot (Andy Salmon) from Thinkalink has been running workshops to introduce some of the students to a method called ‘linking’ a creative way of improving memory recall.

Linking is a great way to learn any fact by connecting it to something else.  It’s an excellent revision tool as well as an effective way of improving spelling and skills used across the curriculum.  The students like it because it is fun and engaging, making it easier to remember facts.

Over the last five years, Andy has presented to over 100,000 children and 5,000 teachers at 120 schools and the British Dyslexia Association supports a technique he has dubbed 'Letter Linking' describing it as ground breaking.

The school hopes to roll these methods out to more learners in the months ahead as initial feedback from participants has been very positive.

“The students were so enthusiastic during and after the workshop sessions this method of learning seems to be truly inspirational.  It has already had an impact on spelling for some of our students, I am sure it will be massively beneficial to the vast majority of pupils at some point in their education.” Commented Mrs Stevenson, Specific Learning Needs Director at the school.