Blessed William Howard

The Painsley Catholic Academy was established in 2012. We are the largest Catholic multi-academy company in the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

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Parent Feedback

92% of parents feel that their child has settled into a good routine for remote learning.

93% of parents feel that we have clearly explained how to access remote learning.

96% feel that the school continues to have high expectations for its students during this period.

97% of parents feel that there is a good range of subjects covered by our remote learning.

87% of parents would recommend BWH's remote learning to other parents.

"I appreciate all the effort the staff have gone to ensuring my children have excellent resources. The live teaching is so much better for them than being left to do the work in isolation. Thank you."

"We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the staff at BWH for everything that they are doing at such a difficult time. The online classes are offering a sense of routine and I feel that both of my boys are receiving a really good level of education even though they are at home. Thank you to each and every member of staff for everything that you are doing, it is very much appreciated!"

"The remote learning is absolutely the best that it can be in these difficult circumstances. It follows the school timetable, is meaningful and monitored. I am very grateful and am so impressed that it was put together so quickly. It could not be improved. Thankyou!"

"I think that the staff at BWH are doing a great job under very difficult circumstances. Being able to offer remote learning means that the children can continue their education and gives them a routine and a purpose that aids their mental health and helps to avoid boredom."

"During lockdown since March BWH school and all the staff been excellent to provide an outstanding online teaching curriculum to students. As a parent I never felt my child is lacking any lessons because of lockdown. Thank you all for your hard work to make this happen and providing your students an outstanding support."

"From the start of this pandemic BWH and its staff were prepared for online schooling, with little disruption to my child’s classes. This has been fantastic as we know other schools weren’t as lucky as us. We appreciate all of the teachers hard work and ongoing commitment! Keep up the great work BWH!!"

"Genuine thanks to all teaching and support staff for their continued support and engagement.  Particularly given the lack of information available regarding examinations. You are unsung heroes."

 "Thank you to all the staff who are providing the best online learning experience. At this time of unrest and unknown, it is great to know my child and his education is still being thought of. The school has shown that they can work together even when they are apart."