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The Painsley Catholic Academy was established in 2012. We are the largest Catholic multi-academy company in the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

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Safety Measures for September

As you are already aware, the school will be a little different in September this year.  We have implemented a number of changes all with the single aim of keeping our children, their families and our staff as safe as possible.  Please keep checking this page to make sure that you are kept up to date, as things may change over the summer!

School Risk Assessment for September.

Uniform Letter

Year Group 'Bubble' Base Rooms (School Plan)

Tutors, 'Bubble' Base Rooms and Pastoral Leaders 

For children who catch public service buses 

Currently, face coverings are required on all public transport.  

On some routes, where passenger numbers are particularly high, we will aim to separate pupils from the public temporarily.  In those circumstances, we are asking bus companies to arrange separate buses that will operate as dedicated school transport. New timetables will be provided by the operators, which may be quite different to last year.  Please be patient, the new timetable information will be published in late August at 

In these scenarios, pupils will board on the basis of distance from school – so those who live furthest will board first and sit at the back, while those who live closest will board last and sit at the front. There is no requirement to sit in year or age groupings and pupils must only travel on the bus they are allocated to. 

Parents are asked to provide children with face coverings to be worn during the journey, pupils to use the hand sanitiser provided at the entrance to the vehicle and to use the same seat each time. It is also recommended that pupils wash hands after arriving at school and before and after their journey home. 

And, of course, we would ask that pupil’s queue, board and disembark in an orderly manner.