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The Painsley Catholic Academy was established in 2012. We are the largest Catholic multi-academy company in the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

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Student Parliament

Our Student Parliament has year group committees led and co-ordinated by the following group of students. Each tutor group has two representatives to share peers' ideas and opinions at the committee meetings with Mrs Walker (Assistant Principal). The committees meet together on a rota to discuss a wide range of topics on different themes: Behaviour and Culture, Careers education, Communications, Enrichment, Teaching and Learning and Wellbeing to bring student leadership to life. Meetings take place each Friday with the whole school Student Parliament comprised of the Chair and Vice Chair of each year group committee. These are all very responsible positions and we are proud of our students for volunteering to take on such leadership roles."
Year Group Committee Leads:

Position and  

year group 






Oscar Lloyd 

Lily Tong 

Evanne Birkett 

Freya Cropp 


Zac Hassall 

Emilia Gidman 

Dylan Mannering-Wright 

Tobias Hassall 

Vice Chair 


Freya Hatfield 

Mariam Saffir 

Kaitlin Spibey 


Welcome to The Parliament Post!

Here, at the Parliament Post, we strive to give the students and their parents an insightful view into what's happening within the student leadership of our school.  This term, with the help of our diligent Clerk, Mrs Walker, we have set up, for the first time in the school's history, A Student Parliament. This pupil-led organisation brings student issues to light, in a forum that promotes change. 

Student Parliament is organised into five year group committees who have two representatives from each form. Each is led by a Chair and Vice Chair and a student Speaker is also elected to maintain proper discussions during session. These two individuals will then represent their year group on the Whole School Parliament led by the Head Boy and Girl in the sixth form. 

We intend to develop this area of the school website with information about upcoming meetings, the content/ minutes of past meetings, contact information, the committee rules/ standing orders and current representatives.

Check back soon to find out more!

By Chairman Hassall, Vice Chair Spibey and Rep. N Massam-Simon of the Year 10 Student Committee