Blessed William Howard

The Painsley Catholic Academy was established in 2012. We are the largest Catholic multi-academy company in the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

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What our parents say is the best thing about BWH

(Parent Survey 2021)

“The quality of the teaching and approach to maintaining my child’s good level of education. Particularly through this last 12 months involving home schooling.”

“Good values, good communication between school and home, good range of subjects. My children are very happy there.”

“The amazing support and lessons that were applied during lockdown. The approachability of staff.”

“Values, discipline and being a family.” 

“Pastoral care from the staff, the level of encouragement our child has received, the quality of teaching.  Music provision.”

“The importance of high-quality education provision, pastoral care and the ethos of thinking about others.”

“BWH staff are very supportive to children to help them achieve their highest potential.”

“Everything! The staff, the curriculum, the pastoral support, the discipline, the respect that pupils have for their teachers, the anti bullying, the safety, the communication, the level of expectation from students. I could go on. We cannot fault BWH in any way, we appreciate everything it has to offer and it hasfar exceeded our expectations. Well done everyone, and thank you.”

“Standards of behaviour and  the ability of staff to engage with pupils which delivers academic results”

“A great ethos, teachers who genuinely care and want the children to as well as they can.”

“Good communication with many teaching staff and year group leads, strong pastoral support, pupil behaviour taken seriously. Regular and timely communication provided by the school and fantastic handling of the COVID situation and home learning.”

“The staff are always the best thing about a school and the staff were so supportive to the children especially during lockdown. The staff and their teaching and inspiration make a massive difference to the children reaching their full potential after school.”

“Aspirational ethos for learning and the development of a rounded individual. Excellent behaviour and discipline in a positive sense.”