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Y7 Learning Journey - Spring 2022

English This term students will be studying texts on the theme of Nature to develop their analytical skills, exploring how writers use language to convey meaning and create effects. They will also be continuing to build on their creative writing skills; this unit has links to the poems they will study in Years 10 and 11 for their GCSE in English Literature and they are also building skills for Paper 1 of GCSE in English Language. Following this is a short unit on the supernatural in literature as an introduction before studying the play of Bram Stoker’s Dracula after the February half term. This unit will introduce students to the Gothic genre in preparation for studying The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde or A Christmas Carol for their GCSE English Literature. They will explore characterisation and themes and further develop their analytical skills. 

The spring term will focus on the pupils understanding how to solve problems using multiplication and division, finding fractions and percentages of amounts, solving equations with negative numbers and learning to add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers, and solving problems involving this.

RE Students will be learning about Key Events in the life of Jesus in the New Testament.  We will move onto studying the importance of Lent and Holy Week as we move towards Easter at the end of term.
Science This term we are covering Acids and Alkalis. Students will learn about common acids and alkalis, learn about neutralisation reactions and how to recognise different strengths of solution on the Universal indicator pH scale.

General topic-My school

1 ¿Qué estudias? Saying what subjects you study. Using -ar verbs to say what ‘we’ do

2 ¿Te gustan las ciencias? Giving opinions about school subjects. Using me gusta(n) + el/la/los/las

3 ¿Qué hay en tu insti? Describing your school. Using the words for ‘a’, ‘some’ and ‘the’

4 Durante el recreo Talking about break time. Using -er and -ir verbs

5 ¿Te gusta tu instituto?.Understanding details about schools. Using prediction as a listening strategy

6 ¿Cómo es tu insti? Writing a longer text about your school. Checking your written work is accurate

Resumen y Repaso Pupils’ checklist and practice exercises

¡Adelante! Question styles working towards GCSE
Geography Weather and climate topic: measuring and forecasting the weather and how rainfall forms; graphing skills (line and bar charts); people and weather
History This term students will be learning about the impact of the Norman conquest after 1066. We will then move on to study the legacy of the Crusades. In this unit, students will gain an understanding of the importance of the Medieval Church and Jerusalem. We will then study why Medieval knights went on crusade and the lasting impact of the Crusades on the 21st century.
Computer science

This term students will be learning about cybercrime and spreadsheets. By Easter they will understand the different crimes that are caused by computers and how they can be prevented. In addition, students will be learning how to create spreadsheets using formulae.


Throughout years 7 students will be given various learning opportunities and challenges to develop creative and artistic solutions allowing our pupils to develop the fundaments skills needed for Art and Design. This includes access to a wide range of different resources and mediums for experimenting with and producing different types of Art. Studies in Year 7 focus on the fundamental elements of art with a focus on drawing; shape, line, tone and shade.


Graphics: Keyring Project – Mini GCSE style project, researching, designing and making a keyring from plastic and a focus on Typography

Product Design: Clock Project – Mini GCSE style project, researching, designing and making a clock on for their chosen target audience from Plywood using the workshop tools and equipment.


Eating Healthy – Mixture of practical lessons on basic cooking skills and healthy eating and theory lessons to back this up.


Year 7 will be focusing on keyboard skills, performing a melody and chords in time to a rhythmic accompaniment. In composition studies they will learn how to write a good melody and add a second harmony part using musescore.


Next half term, Y7 students will continue to work on 6 lesson rotations of sports. The aim in Y7 is to give students a broad and balanced introduction to several different sports where they will acquire the basic skills and knowledge needed to be successful. The sports that they will be doing will vary depending on which group they are in. The following sports will be covered next half term; badminton, basketball, football, netball